Thursday, September 6, 2012

Entry 2

Hicks (2009) explains that there are three main elements of the framework of writing. The three main elements are your students, the subject of writing and the paces in which we write. All of these elements are just as important as the other.

Given that I have just begun to teach in my own classroom as a long term substitute teacher, I am now somewhat able to create my own space and writing process for my students. At first, I was completely overwhelmed by having to create all my own lessons and put forth all of my ideas for what I want my own classroom to be and function like. Once I was settled, I began to put all my effort into creating a space for my students to become the best readers and writers that could possible be. I have created many small areas in which my students are able to go in order to think, write and grow as learners. I have found that these small areas are ones that my students gravitate towards when they need to think aloud or need to have more focus. With this said, the space in my classroom so far has been created to guide and produce proficient readers and writers. I am sure that as the year goes on and my students grow and mature as writers, I may need to change the set up of my classroom to better engage my students within the writing process.

When thinking about the other element of the writing framework, my students, I am excited to see their potential blossom and mature throughout the school year. With the just the first few days of school completed, I have already begun to see their true strengths along with their specific needs come to light. My support and guidance through the writing process at the beginning of the school year with be crucial. As I get to know my students and their strengths and weaknesses that are unique to each one, I will be able to better instruct and guide my students to become better readers and writers. As Towle (2003) wrote, teachers need to conference and informally assess their students throughout the entire writing process to see each students' strengths and weakness so that a teachers instruction can be targeted to help each student mature as a writer. I believe that with this in mind, I will be able to engage, guide and support my students throughout the school year to become proficient writers.

The final element of the framework that is currently present in my classroom is the subject of writing. I believe that when many students hear the word writing they begin to groan, become anxious or nervous or just completely shut down. I have realized that there is too few students that get excited about writing these days. I am not completely sure as to why this is the way it is, but if I can do anything to change it in my own classroom then I will do it! For starters, I believe teachers need to let their students pick topics that interest them when they need to produce a piece of writing. When a student is interested in the subject of writing that they are working on, I believe the student puts forth more authentic effort and excitement. When a student is excited about their writing, they can make their peers and the teacher become just as excited to hear or read their piece of writing. So if a teacher is able to manipulate the curriculum to make it fit with their students' interests then they will have a classroom full of excited and growing writers.

Many of my students have not been completely exposed to the idea of digital workshop just yet. I know that through their computer class they have begun typing classes and use the internet along with other online resources when researching for a project or writing piece, whether it is in or outside of school. I believe that the older my students get the more tech-saavy they will get, which will increase their knowledge and exposure to the idea and use of the digital workshop. I believe that with the help of the computer teacher and other resources throughout the school, such as ipads and laptops, my students will be able to fully participate in a digital workshop. They will become familiar with the programs and software that is a necessary part of a digital workshop both within the classroom and outside of it.

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  1. This is an excellent entry Gretchen and exactly the kind of "investigative reflection" you should be sustaining through these entries. The only question I am left with is this...what grade are your students? I may have overlooked this in your entry but I can't find where you note how old they are/what grade you are teaching. Knowing this would allow your reader even more insight into your reflections.